The New Age of Sales

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    In our weekly blog, you will find free content discussing sales techniques, strategy, actionable tips, and more to keep you improving your sales skills regularly.
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    Our video training courses provide a digital sales trainer right to your desktop! Whether you're an absolute beginner to experienced salesperson, our courses are designed to help you step up your sales and join the top 1% of salespeople in your industry.
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    Personal Sales Coaching, this program is designed for the sales rep who is serious about smashing sales goals and taking their career to it's full potential. Places are very limited, so use the contact page to enquire today.
 Why MySalesSpecialist?

Why choose that name?

Because this is a site for you, for the person reading this right now.

This site is a place for you, whether a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or anyone else, to come and learn a variety of things in the sales space. This is a space created and maintained with you at front of mind. From our free content in our video log and blog, to our video training courses and coaching service, there truly is something here for everyone.

What can you learn here?

You will learn the New Age of Sales, the natural way to sell, and the way to grow your sales to new heights, through empathy and authenticity.

Why do we need a New Age of Sales?

Because from how we call for taxis, book hotels, or even buy our food. Everything in our world is changing.

So why aren’t we?

Sales needs to change, we need to be able to adapt to this new world. The old ‘hard-selling’ tactics and Sales ‘tricks’ are not only no longer relevant, they just plain no longer work. A customer can now have all the information they need at their fingertips in seconds. Often, eliminating the need for a salesperson.
You need to instead become a trusted advisor. 
Many of the old ‘Sales Gurus’ and coaches haven’t directly worked in sales for years, sometimes 20-30 years! And they are still teaching outdated methods.

Do you really think the same techniques that worked 30 years ago are truly the way forward? With the rise in online shopping and big business, the need to understand your customers and genuinely help them, while still growing your sales, is paramount.
Stop learning the same, outdated techniques, and instead, join us in the New Age.

We are on a mission to fight the stereotype of the sleazy, hard-selling, pressured sales tactics of the past, and replace them with strategies that work for the client, building trust and loyalty, and dramatically growing your sales and business. 
We’re here to win.
Why don't you join us?
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Coaching Services
Speaking and Events
Available soon: 1 Month to Win. One month of coaching, including x4 coaching calls at the beginning of each week to help you reach your sales goals in a short timeframe.
Please use the Contact page to enquire about speaking engagements.