The New Age of Sales

About Lee

 I teach entrepreneurs, salespeople, and managers how to grow their sales and stand out from the ever growing sea of competition by introducing them to a New Age of Sales.

Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s on the phone, online, or in a showroom, adopting this new approach is guaranteed to grow your sales.

Everything I teach is tried and tested personally.


 I come from a background of sales, over a variety of mediums, with a history beginning in retail, leading sales teams, running my own eCommerce online store, and now in B2B sales. I refuse to teach any ‘quick tricks’ or tactics that don’t work. I teach my clients to sell with authenticity, with proven techniques, that I have developed in the role myself.

I teach people how to grow their sales dramatically, by selling with authenticity, creating an outward focussed sales strategy, and establishing trust and connection with your clients.

Many sales coaches haven’t worked in a sales role in 20-30 years, still teaching the old techniques that worked for them back then. 30 year old techniques still work, but are nowhere near as effective in this new age, and you won’t reach your full potential utilising them.

Enter the New Age of Sales.

Created, developed, and tested personally by myself, a salesperson and entrepreneur who is in the industry now, is on the sales floor alongside you, and isn’t someone teaching 30 year old techniques.