The world is changing.

From how we call for taxis, book hotels, or even buy our food. Everything in our world is changing.

In Sales, we need to change too, we need to be able to adapt to this new world. The old ‘hard-selling’ tactics and Sales ‘tricks’ are not only no longer relevant, they just plain no longer work. A customer can now have all the information they need at their fingertips in seconds. Often, eliminating the need for a salesperson.

You need to instead become a trusted advisor. 

Many of the old ‘Sales Gurus’ and coaches haven’t directly worked in sales for years and are teaching outdated methods. With the rise in online shopping and big business, the need to understand your customers and genuinely help them, while still growing your sales, is paramount.

Here at, you will find articles on how to succeed as a modern day salesperson, sales manager, or entrepreneur. We are on a mission to help fight the stereotype of the sleazy, hard-selling, pressuring sales tactics of the past, and replace them with strategies that work for the client, building trust and loyalty, while still growing your sales and business. 

Creating a client experience that encourages sales growth and client retention is the way to adapt and move forward in this new world.

We’re here to win.

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