Selling with GAMES

How do you sell with games? I’m not recommending some weird idea where you play a board game and the winner buys the product? I don’t know. I just know the title probably isn’t what you’re guessing.

G.A.M.E.S is an acronym for a step by step series of touchpoints for when a client enters your showroom.

So what does it stand for?

G – Greet.

A – Assess.

M – Multiply.

E- Execute.

S – Say goodbye.

Sell with G.A.M.E.S to win

Today we’re going to run through each point, what they mean, and how you should be using each touch point.


This is obvious, when a customer enters your showroom, you want to greet them in a timely manner. Even if they’re just browsing, they’re more likely to stay in the store longer if they are greeted in a friendly manner, rather than awkwardly avoiding salespeople that aren’t speaking to them. So get to them quickly, with a warm, friendly greeting. Bonus points if you can get a conversation going before you even offer assistance. Finding something in common quickly (“Hey cool Hawaii shirt! When did you go? I’m hoping to go next year!”) is an awesome way to build quick rapport before even getting to the sales part. Build rapport and keep them comfortable and they’ll trust you a lot more than if you leap on them trying to sell them something before they even get a word out.


This is where you offer assistance. Ask how you can help and hear them out fully. Don’t interrupt with anything, wait until they finish. This is your opportunity to assess their needs and decide how you can help them. Ask a lot of open questions, get them to explain why they need whatever they are after, and other questions specific to your product. The key here is information gathering, you want the customer to give you their answers, no prompting, and no interrupting. Ask a question and listen. Then you can decide what products you have that will suit them best and run through it with them. With the knowledge of how it will work specifically for them in their situation. 


You’ve worked out what the client needs, talked them through their options, and found one that suits them. Great. Now here’s your opportunity to push that sale up a bit. Ask for an add-on. Ideally, you want the add-on to be an item that enhances what they’re already buying. Something that rather than seeming pushy to sell it, you seem helpful for offering. Saving them from getting the product home and being annoyed they forgot to buy the other item. Here’s some examples; maybe you’d offer a bookmark with a book, a sponge with car wash, or a case with sunglasses. Something that will genuinely be helpful to the client, while also increasing your basket size. It’s a win win.


Execute the sale, take them to the counter, double check there’s nothing else you can help with, and process the sale. Once you’re going through the check-out process, keep chatting, here’s your opportunity to really seal that relationship with your new client, and make enough of an impression that they return to you in the future.

Say goodbye.

This barely needs an explanation. Wish them a good day (or some variant), and say goodbye in a friendly manner that would make them want to return to the store in the future.


Nail these 5 touchpoints in your store, and it will help you build a strong, loyal customer base that will return to you in the future, as well as helping you grow your sales.

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