3 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

One of the most powerful influences on a sales teams’ performance, is motivation.

Unmotivated sales teams underperform, and motivated teams go above and beyond, excelling in what they’re there to do; sell.

It’s no secret that unenthusiastic or unmotivated salespeople can be the Achilles heel of any business.

So how do you, as a sales manager, business owner, or team leader, keep your team motivated?

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The ‘carrot and the stick’ style of monetary commission isn’t the only way to motivate
  1. Smash Goals

Knowing they’re working towards a specific goal is a strong motivator for people, it helps to be able to see how you’re tracking. Having your salespeople regularly attend one on one meetings with their direct reports, where they meet to set goals, speak about career aspirations, and be held accountable for how they’re tracking to their goals, can be a huge motivator. The salesperson then has to think of what they want to achieve, where they want to be, and how to get there. Continuing the meetings from then on ensures they are held accountable for their goal setting, and keeps them on track.

Having their direct report take this interest in them, and having an opportunity to discuss and ask for help with their sales and career goals, is a huge motivator. It opens the relationship up and becomes a mentoring situation. Which also helps them see their manager as a member of the team, there to assist them, rather than just a boss.

These meetings are also a great time to praise the small wins, they’ll feel appreciated, which leads to being happier within their role, and adds to the motivation.

  1. Gamification/Friendly competition

Setting up games within sales teams is becoming more and more common. There’s a lot of options of what you can do here, with many different competitions. One of the most effective ideas I have seen, however, is where the sales team is split into smaller teams for the competition. Why? The teams want to win, they back each other up, encourage each other, and, perhaps one of the most powerful outcomes, they teach each other. They want their team to win, so they share their knowledge and help each other. Not only does this create strong camaraderie within your team, it also creates an experience where the salespeople teach each other. Changing the terms of competitions can keep it fresh as well, so as to keep the team engaged and stop them getting bored with doing the same competition over and over. Changing things such as; teams, goals, time frames, and prizes are all great ways of putting a fresh spin on things.

  1. Walk the walk

Make sure you’re not stuck in your office all day. Get out amongst your sales teams, walk the showroom with them, get out on the road with them, engage with clients. A manager that stays in the office crunching numbers and only interacts with the teams to say they’re not hitting the targets creates a bad environment. Get out of the office, spend time with your team, find out where they excel and where they struggle (the regular meetings from the goal setting tip are a great way to do this). Lead by example. The team looks to you. So, make sure they only see what you want to see in them.

There are far more ways than just monetary commissions to get your salespeople motivated towards a common goal, as a manager, you need to not only manage the team, you need to lead them. Lead them in the business goals, their career goals, and their sales goals. Create a supportive, team environment, and they’ll want to achieve.

Support your team in what they do best; sell.

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One thought on “3 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

  1. Great content!
    And sometimes it is not the money, it is what money delivers.
    Great story: A person I know had an office that overlooked a Ford Mustang dealership. His one sales person, who he had a hard time figuring out what motivated him, would come in his office and stare down at the shiny cars across the street.

    One day the boss asks him about his interest in cars. “I love Mustangs!” the sales rep says, “but my wife won’t let me buy one–too expensive.”

    Hmmm… the boss starts thinking. “What if you won a Mustang in a sales contest? Would you be able to keep it?”
    “Of course!” the sales person says.

    “Ok, here’s the contest….” The boss goes on to create an incentive plan that gives him the value of the cost of the Mustang, along with other cash incentives to appease the spouse The sales rep goes out and hits his goals like a rock star! This culminates with he and his boss walking across the street , they buy the car and he drives home with his trophy Mustang for the neighborhood to see and cash for his wife hold.

    Find out what money buys/rents for your sales team and remind them of the ways they can experience their desires by setting the right framework around incentives.

    When we consider what the scenario and drivers are (pun intended) of people, you will see amazing results.

    Russ Riendeau
    Executive Search

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