Treat your Salespeople like Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are interesting personality types, they’re hard working, enthusiastic, and most importantly here; are able to see problems and solutions where other people cannot.

Entrepreneurs have the unique ability to find opportunities that many other people miss completely. Not only that, they can use these opportunities to create profit.

So, what has this got to do with sales?

With the rise of the visibility of Entrepreneurs living the ‘laptop lifestyle’, there has been a lot more discussions about entrepreneurship, with it becoming more and more popular. So, there has been a lot of studies done regarding the personality types.

This is where the similarities lie.

Now, go and re read the first 2 sentences of this post, but replace ‘Entrepreneurs’ with ‘Salespeople’. The qualities still make sense.

Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in your salespeople and let them utilise their creativity.

Salespeople are entrepreneurs within your business. Many forward thinking companies are beginning to recognise this entrepreneurial side and are letting them be creative in the sales process.

A great salesperson will see opportunities in the sales process others wouldn’t.

They can be creative with how they present to their clients, and they can carry this creativity all the way to the close of the sale. Looking for more opportunities, problems, and solutions the whole way.

Many companies run a ‘top-down’ sales strategy. Laid out by the executives in their office, with little to no input from the salespeople themselves. This is a huge waste of the companies’ assets. Your salespeople know your clients better than anyone. They know their problems, they know their questions, and they know them.

Stifling the salespersons creativity with a standard pitch or script is like forcing an entrepreneur into a cubicle, it doesn’t create the right environment for them to reach their highest potential. If you allow them to be creative with the sales process, obviously with some loose guidelines, the great ones will spread their wings. When using the basic sales process as a guide, allow your salespeople to stray from it as they need, to utilise different approaches when they identify the need.

Not only will this create more opportunities, but your company will stand out, your clients won’t be getting the same standard, corporate sales pitch they get from all your competitors. They will have something different, differentiation will grab their attention, and that will be the one that sticks in their mind.

Exploit their entrepreneurial instincts and let them go further. Bring them in to discussions regarding the sales process and strategies. They have an untapped knowledge of you clients. Use this. 

The boiler-room, pushy, ‘stick to the script’ approach doesn’t work anymore. Recognise the entrepreneurs in your business and let them spread their wings, taking themselves, and of course, your company, to new heights.

Some companies are beginning to recognise that their salespeople aren’t just there to ring people up at the counter, or push the clients into signing the dotted line, and they are beginning to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, allowing them to be creative, have input into the company, and solve the problems they find.

Treating your salespeople like entrepreneurs will allow them to follow their instincts, to seek out problems that otherwise may be missed, and allows them to solve these problems for the client.

Solving more problems = creating more sales.

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