The single most powerful tool for salespeople

In your sales role, no matter what the product, your job is to sell the product you represent. Right?


Look at it from this approach and you will struggle to achieve what you are truly capable of within your role.

Did you know that only 10% of the buying decision is based solely on the product alone?

If you’re focussed purely on the product, you’re missing a lot of sales opportunities.

It’s an old saying, but it’s an old saying because it’s true;

People buy People.

In your sales role, the thing you need to concentrate the most on, is making an impact as a person, building a relationship, and creating an experience for your client. From there, you can sell your product. You’ll then have the rapport built up, and the client will trust you.

Obviously, people buy more when they trust the person they are buying off.


To properly succeed in your role, you need to be able to master the skill of building rapport quickly. This is the single most powerful tool that you, as a salesperson, need to have.

Now, how you go about this is entirely up to you, it’s up to you how you approach clients, how you interact with them, and how you build this rapport. You need to personalise it to your situation, and make the sales experience your own. It obviously changes depending on which role you are in. From sales representatives out in the field, to retail salespeople in the showroom. The approach changes dramatically, and it’s up to you to tailor the experience to each client. A great tool here is to know the different personality types of your clients, and how to sell to them.

If you can build rapport quickly, you can sell to anyone.

Too many companies focus on training people on features and benefits of their products, and don’t spend the time investing in their salespeople. While obviously you need to know your product, it’s features and benefits, and most importantly, the value it provides, product knowledge alone will not sell it. You can know everything there is to know about a given product, but if you can’t connect with your client, you will not be able to successfully meet your full potential within your role.

The other important thing to note, which is rarely spoken about, and which I cover a bit more in the first part of the free MySalesToolkit series, is something called ‘rapport calibration.’ Where essentially you need to be able to read the client, and calibrate the interaction to them. I’ve used an excerpt from the MySalesToolkit to help explain this further;

“To build a rapport, you’re going to need to talk comfortably and freely with your client. But remember, you need to read them. If they’re busy, or in a rush, you’re going to need to cut the small talk to a minimum. If they walk in relaxed and in a good mood, you can probably take your time and tell a story or ask questions about certain things and work up to the conversation from there.”


As a salesperson, your job is to build a relationship with the client, get them comfortable, then, and only then, offer the product that is right for their situation. This is where you will generate the most sales, and this is where you will fully hit your potential within your role.


For a more in depth look at rapport building skills, plus 3 more of the most important tools for salespeople, sign up here for our free 4-part mini-series MySalesToolkit to ensure you and your team have 4 of the most important techniques perfected to increase your sales.


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