It’s time to kill off the Old Model of Sales

Welcome, to the New Age of Sales, today, I’m going to give a quick overview of the new way of selling. We’ll be going more in depth in future posts.

Why do we need a new way?

Trust, in sales, in salespeople, and in organisations, is dead.

Well, maybe not entirely, but it’s not far off.

Why is this? Think of the stereotypical salesperson, most people think of the sleazy, pushy, used-car salesman stereotype. Not a helpful, empathetic, and genuine salesperson that we would like them to picture.


And yet, most salespeople are still trained in the old model of sales, the very same techniques that made the general public have this bad stereotype of salespeople in the first place.

These techniques worked, maybe 20 years ago. Maybe even 10 years ago. Everything in this world has changed, yet we’re still using sales techniques that are 20, 30, hell, even 40 years old!

These are not going to be the techniques the top salespeople use in the New Age of Sales.

People don’t trust salespeople anymore, they have the technology to fact check everything, if you tell them this is the cheapest price this car is going for in town, they can pull their phone out of their pocket and check instantly. If you use the old technique of ‘telling’, (“you need this!”), they can question you, check facts, and find other options. They won’t blindly believe you anymore. Salespeople were once the main source of information on their products, and could (and unfortunately, would) bend the facts slightly if needed to close the sale. Now, information is everywhere, your client can have all the information they need from their pocket in 30 seconds. They can fact check what you say as you’re saying it, and if you’re lying, they’ll walk.

Most new salespeople feel uncomfortable using the old model of sales training, because it goes against everything we know about building a strong relationship. Which is what the New Age of Sales is based on; relationship building.

Where the majority of the old model of sales was focused on ‘pitching’ and ‘closing’, the New Age of Sales focuses on building a relationship (and trust!), identifying needs, and positioning yourself as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ instead of a salesperson.

Have you ever heard the term “He could sell ice to an eskimo!”? Well, guess what. That’s not a compliment! In the New Age of Sales, you wouldn’t sell ice to an eskimo, you’d sell ice to someone that needs ice. You identify the need, building up trust and rapport with your client, and finding the solution to their specific problem.

The main focus of old model sales training, is the pitch, the presentation, but why would you present anything without first identifying your prospects needs? If you don’t know their problems, what’s causing these problems, and how it’s affecting them, how can you possibly present to them? You’re wasting your time presenting a product or service if you can’t specify what it is going to do for them in their specific situation. You’re essentially throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks.

The New Age of Sales is focused on identifying needs, while building rapport and trust in the process, and asking questions that help you completely understand the prospects needs. If you understand their issues properly, and what they are looking for, you don’t need to focus on a big flashy presentation that runs through all the features, you can show them the product or service, and point out the exact benefits that will help them in their situation. You can take their answers to your questions, and match them up exactly to the benefits that will help them. Essentially, you’re selling from a genuine desire to help them, and they’re persuading themselves to buy.

Our next few blog posts are going to be heavily focused on New Age VS Old Model sales techniques, and our upcoming video training course will cover it more in depth. Click here to keep up to date on new posts, subscribe to our newsletter, and receive the latest news on our upcoming training content. You’ll also receive the 4 part mini-series ‘MySalesToolkit’ FREE!


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